Attractions in the area

atractii in zonaBeing located in the center of the city of Cluj-Napoca the hotel is close to all institutions and objectives of general interest (50-300m), such as: Statue of Matei Corvin, Statue of Avram Iancu, Statue Sf Gheorghe, Statue A.I. Cuza, Sf Mihail Cathedral, The Romanian Orthodox Cathedral, The Romanian Theater and Opera, Babes-Bolyai University, The County Council and Prefect’s Office, The City Hall, 12 bank subsidiaries, Clinics and Hospitals, The Botanic Garden and Museums.

It is easy to reach the airport, around 10-15 minutes, 5 minutes from the railway station; 5 minutes from Expo Transilvania. Being located on the main arterial road it is easy to exit to Bucharest, Oradea, Zalau or Baia Mare.

Hotel Meteor is located in the center of the city of Cluj-Napoca on the main arterial road, it is easy to reach by those arriving in Cluj from all four points.